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BazanPR is uniquely positioned to draw on its contacts in the entertainment business to benefit its corporate clients. We have the creativity and the clout to create appropriate, memorable tie-ins that link our corporate clients to high-profile celebrities and events, opening new doors. This enables us to build long-lasting relationships between our clients’ brands and the consumers they want to reach.


As a leader in entertainment marketing, BazanPR is able to leverage its clout in the industry to build awareness, build an audience, and build brands. From film and home entertainment releases to television premieres and red-carpet events, BazanPR has the expertise and the contacts to put our entertainment properties on the media map.


Experience leads to influence, which leads to the ability to make things happen. BazanPR draws on its extensive expertise in all areas of public relations to create effective, memorable campaigns that influence public opinion. As an example, BazanPR's strategic influence within the industry and among the media contributed to the success of many Academy Award©-winning and nominated films including Ray, Tupac Resurrection, 4 Little Girls, When We Were Kings, and Tsotsi...

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